Conversation Starters

Poet with a Press Pass – Poetry about the News is designed to stimulate compelling conversations about current events, world news and global topics, as a way to affirm the relevance of poetry in our daily lives.

Here are some provocative questions you might ask yourself and offer to others after you read the posted poems:

  • What did I already know or feel about the news topic addressed?
  • Is the poem relevant to my own experience of the world?
  • How did the treatment of the topic jostle my opinions?
  • Which line from the poem sticks in my mind? Why?
  • Where might I find more information about the topic?
  • Who would it be interesting to talk to about this post?
  • What might I think or say or do differently having read the poem?

In our complex global society, conversations about important issues lead to deeper understanding and new insights. Look for ways to engage people you know in thinking, feeling, talking, experiencing and impacting the world! And read more poetry!

Poet with a Press Pass is written by Anne McCrady and produced by InSpiritry.