AirAsia Flight QZ8501

What Are The Odds? ~

We ask each other,
watching another plane
disappear from radar
into a veil of clouds,
broken into bits,
flown beneath the waves.
The sky is falling.
In a made for TV mystery,
three giant jetliners full
of families, couples, children
have vanished into thin air.
Imagining the final moments,
we grimace and remember
flying is always an act
of faith in science: to believe
the invisible vectors
of lift and flow and velocity
can overcome the insistent force
of Earth’s jealous hold.
Sobered, we stop and say
our prayers, promise to be better,
hope to God and goodness
we are among the survivors.

Anne McCrady, 1-2-15

“What Are the Odds” was written in response to the 2015 AirAsia plane crash.

Newslinks for This Event:   New York Times, CNN

AudioLink at SoundCloud:  “What Are the Odds?”

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