Monday, January 19, 2015

How It Is~

Journal entry: All this in twenty-four hours?!

an army of desperate men
crisscrosses national borders
and takes to the airways
to hold strangers and a religion hostage
to demand the world’s ransom

an expectant American family meets
their new Chinese daughter
a cherub dressed in red for luck
who taps a first practiced kiss
on each tearful cheek

the President whose father was Black
explains to a restless Congress
how it is…a way to remind them
despite their White memories
about how it was

a handsome Texas boy
who was my sister’s first love
is inaugurated as governor,
his wheelchair an ironic platform
for his vision for the state

a smiling Muslim daughter
leads the Pledge of Allegiance
in a Catholic cathedral packed full
of misty eyed Southerners who remember
Martin Luther King, Jr. as their own

Anne McCrady, 1-20-15

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Poet with a Press Pass is written by Anne McCrady and produced by InSpiritry Productions in response to world news, current events, science developments and social justice topics. “Monday, January 19, 2015” was written about the juxtapositions of events on (U.S.) Martin Luther King holiday. More about Anne and InSpiritry is available at!