Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Inside Iran~

A blue-eyed girl reads Rumi
as she lies on her back dreaming
in her family’s walled garden,
the book of poems held above her
like a tent of beautiful words.

This being human
is a guest house.

A tired woman rocks, tastes
silent tears of remembering
years of faith in passion;
her fervent lips recite Hafiz
as oath and prayer.

There is another light;
try to see by that.

Circles of leaders
escaping old fears
do the math, finance
plans to become more
than an axis of evil.

When something goes wrong,
accuse yourself first.

A young father speaks Farsi
to vendors in a crowded bazaar
to remind his lovely children
that their story is a good one
and this life is their sacred song.

Give voice to a poem.
Let it end with praise…

Anne McCrady, 4-8-15

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