U.S. Marriage Equality

I Now Pronounce~

By black-robed decree
it is made official
as the crowd’s cheers
silence the din
of the angry devout
who want to speak now
but must forever hold their peace

Our nation is invited by law
to celebrate
these lovely couples
let’s shower the newly wed
with gifts of welcome
to what the rest of us
have always had

Guests gathered
under the rainbow
of new bridal colors
let’s toss the bouquet
of yes, you are next!
to every single
one of them—

No longer just best men
or spinster maids-of-honor
at champagne bridal parties
for someone else’s joy
now they vow their own love
as standing hands clasped
they finally say I do           

                        Anne McCrady

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Poet with a Press Pass features original poems written by Anne McCrady in response to news and world events. The series is produced by InSpiritry. More about Anne and InSpiritry is at InSpiritry.com.