American Anger

The Drop of Honey ~

The vines of an wise old story wind through time,
the tale of a comfortable king at an open window
savoring the taste of pastry made sweet.
A drop of the honey falls onto the street below.
When asked by his servant if it might draw flies,
the monarch declares it is none of his concern…

Not my issue. Not my worry. Not my problem.
Not my people. Not my religion. Not my town.
Not my insult. Not my anger. Not my gun.

…and flies do come. A lizard chases them, which interests a cat
who is attacked by a dog, whose owner defends it to the man
whose wife screams for the cat. Asserting justice, villagers join
the fray, claiming one side or the other. A riot ensues.
Soldiers arrive with weapons. Soon the castle is set aflame,
as the king flees, mumbling, “…perhaps it was my concern.”


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