Obama’s Farewell

Watching Obama Say Goodbye

Like a classic film ending in the poignant embrace
of lovers who, given the realities of war,
are torn apart, their brief encounter
destined to become late night reverie,
the President holds the attention of his people
one last time. Reminding them of the good
times they shared, the small miracles
of accomplishment, the changed hearts,
the opened minds, the spared disasters,
he promises he won’t forget them.
For its part, his audience savors the moment
like a woman who closes her eyes for the kiss
whose taste she knows will have to last
the rest of her life, as proof,
that it really happened – the miracle
of meeting, the exhilaration of romance,
the pleasure of a man’s goodness,
the better nature he invited in her,
all of it…and then suddenly,
holding the suitcase of what’s next
and wiping a tear, he is on the departing train
to tomorrow, smiling as he waves goodbye
to the country that stands at the station
of democracy…awaiting the next arrival.

by Anne McCrady

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