New Year’s Eve 2017

December 31st, 11 PM

It is the last night
of Christmas lights
on Main Street—
these days
people don’t wait
for the Twelfth Day
to pack up Baby Jesus
and blue-candled menorahs
have already been put away
in time-worn boxes.

With the dawn
of the New Year
just minutes away,
this will be the end of Peace
on Earth ornaments,
Tidings of Good Cheer
and gilded door wreaths.
Tomorrow will arrive
as just another day.

Awaiting my midnight
kiss—and grateful for it—
I memorize the glow
of holiday humankindness
and hum the majestic tune
of We, Three Kings,
as I hold close the hope
that our wise men will arrive
before the Light goes out.

                                  Anne McCrady


Newslinks: Futurism; Quartz; CNN

Audiolink: SoundCloud