John McCain’s Death


A Nation Grieves

(found poetry upon the death of John McCain)

His oath:
one nation
under God, indivisible
with liberty and justice for all.

His story:
son, soldier, statesman,
husband, father, friend.

“His life…
great because it was good.”

“In one epic life…
the courage and greatness
of our country.”

“some lives are so vivid,
it is difficult
to imagine them ended.”

His virtue:

“…he called us to be better.”

“…he made us better.”

“…he made this country better.”

His passing:

“some voices are…so vibrant…
it is hard to think of them stilled.”

“His absence is…
like the silence
after a mighty roar.”

“a whisper over our shoulder.”

His legacy:
our loyalty
to one another.

…and so, grieving his loss,
we take the creed of
his life, his love
his country,
this nation.

Anne McCrady

These quotes are from eulogies by Meghan McCain, President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.