The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Mr. Bone Saw

This year Halloween comes early, savagely.
In the dark hour of demons loose in the world,
a safe house hosts a political Fright Night—
a House of Horrors with one way in
and no way out, a trap for unwitting victims.
Walk this way. Watch your step. Stop here.
Through a secret wall, robed ghouls arrive,
a gang of thugs, a royal assassination squad
armed with ropes and revenge, syringes and saws.
While a fearful fiancé waits outside,
in an inner office, the grisly nightmare unfolds:
torture, murder, dismemberment, disposal.
Though the throne rolls out ghost stories
of rogue attackers, the world knows Evil;
no one is fooled by the tales being told.
As we moan in anguish for hearts gone cold,
we speak the Truth we hope will save us—
The screams were human. The blood was red.
The bones were sawed. The horror was real.

by Anne McCrady

Newslinks: Washington PostNew Yorker, The Guardian, Huffington Post