The Death of George Floyd

Taking a Knee, Taking a Stand


Get off me! Get off me!

I can’t breathe. It’s tight.

It was only a twenty.

Do I have to be…white?

Get your knee off my neck

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe

Mama, oh Mama, you’re who I need.

Asphyxiation. Without justification.

The video gave us no good explanation.

One bad cop, plus three…
Let change start with me.

Say his name. Say his name.

We know who’s to blame.

Let’s take to the street.

Hate needs a defeat.

A man died while arrested.

While we grieve, let’s protest this.

We might bleed on the sidewalk,

But there’s no time for tired talk.

Who’s looting? Who’s shooting?

Batons and now tear gas!

I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!

Let the armed soldiers pass.

While the guy in the bunker

Only knows how to hunker…
As millions stand with us

Feel the change begin in us–

We’re renaming boulevards,

Claiming our voter cards,

Letting stone traitors clatter.

We know our lives matter!


Like the man who was murdered,

Make this our plea:

Take the knee off our necks

‘Cause we yearn to breathe free!


by Anne McCrady


NEWSLINKS: NYTimes, NPR, The Guardian