Election 2020

I Begin with Fear

after Jericho Brown

I begin with fear; today has finally arrived.
Even now, no one knows how this will end.

Terrified, we don’t know how this all ends;
We guess, take polls, prognosticate, and…wish.

We study polls, prognosticate, and wish
For what our hearts want most to see.

What our wounded hearts want most to see
Will call for love and reason to prevail.

Let’s call for love and reason to prevail,
Exposing all the lies we have been told.

When we are past the lies we have been told
Anything could happen. Things could turn out fine.

Right! Anything can happen–even something great.
I release my fears. Today has finally arrived.

by Anne McCrady


AUDIOLINK (Hear Anne Read the Poem): SoundCloud