Harper Lee and IS

To Kill~

A mockingbird
A man

The wrong
Nelle Harper knew

What is the sequel
To injustice

In a made-for-TV-movie
Acted out on the news

Vicious inhumanity
On a human scale

Here is a novel

Small children to trust
Finch and fellow man

Anne McCrady, 2-7-15

NewLinks: NY TimesCNN, Al Jazeera, BBC, Al Jazeera

AudioLink at Soundcloud: Harper Lee & ISIS

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Poet with a Press Pass is a series of weekly poems written by Anne McCrady and produced by InSpiritry in response to world news, current events, science developments and social justice topics. “To Kill” was prompted by news of a sequel to the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, and recent ISIS executions. More about Anne McCrady and InSpiritry is available at InSpiritry.com!