More believable to our grandchildren

than stories of storks bringing babies,

almost as graceful as the winged beings

whose lyric flight we praise in verse,

the prophesied greatest generation

of aeronautic technology,

drones have been given a flight path

into the landscapes of our lives.

No longer covert weapons systems,

soon they will zoom and hover above us,

clutching labeled cardboard boxes,

flying in consumer-driven sorties.

Confined, for now, to daylight hours,

restricted to human line of sight,

They seem safe enough

to handle our precious deliveries,

but given time and the temptation

of the world’s widening horizon,

how long before one of them escapes

its digital tether, taking our children with it?

                     Anne McCrady, 2-18-15

Poet with a Press Pass is a series of weekly poems written in response to current events and world news, produced by InSpiritry. Find out more about Anne McCrady and herwork at InSpiritry.com

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