Women’s History Month

Separate Entry~

As little girls we learned
to sit and listen, to give
men their pulpit authority
without letting questions slip
from our quivering lips.

Later, we watched sacred hatred
harbored for stubborn decades
play out on the stage
of God’s house and disobeyed:
we prayed for everyone.

Still faithful, we do not believe
battle can be a blessed cause.
Family, we have not given up
our minds for maternity.
Flags do not define us.

Now, like little boys, you cry foul.
Insist on our separate entry.
Quote St. Paul’s contempt.
Claim eminent domain of daughters.
Sanctify your weapons.

No more. No more.
From pews and prayer rugs,
from parliaments and regiments,
on a wave of wisdom given by grace,
watch us rise.

Anne McCrady, 3-11-15

News Links: United Nations, Huffington Post, NPR, U.S. Government, Center for American Progress


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