Surge in Middle East Violence

Roadmap to Peace~

How did we loose it?
It was right in our hands
not so long ago. Oh, God,
it must be here somewhere!
Look under the seat in the car
or in your file cabinet of answers
or in the bottom of a desk drawer.
Maybe it is under the pile
of unreported casualties
and vicious propaganda.
There it is! Be careful;
ancient and blood-stained,
worn from misuse,
it is falling apart.

Unfold it on the table.
Can we work on this together,
while we share a meal?
Oh, my friend, where do we start?
Here is here; there is there.
It’s a small world, really!
If we can just find a way
to get past disputed borders,
we can easily see the distance
between us. Let’s start now.
If memory serves me,
just beyond those mountains
of insurmountable differences,
there is a bright ocean of possibilities.

News Links: Washington Post, CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC
Audio Link: SoundCloud

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