Rampant Rapes in India


He has a mother!
Did he feel her hand
slap his vicious face
as the one beneath him
on the filthy street?
Did he call to her,
did he scream her name
in the climax of the act
of attacking this girl?
When his semen spilled
into blood of dominion,
did he see her torment
in the tears of my child?
As his muscles convulsed
then went flaccid,
in the cradle of his crime,
did he moan for her love?
When he dumped the bundle
of his battered victim,
did he hear me in the name
she sobbed in pain?
As he claims his conquest
to the men in the market—
this boy made beast—
let him know this fear:
She has a mother!

News Links: International Business Times, The Guardian, BBC
Audio Link: SoundCloud

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