Wikipedia’s 15th Anniversary

Now She Knows~

A fifth grader in Africa is surprised to learn
her go-to source for global knowledge
isn’t the ancient sage she has imagined,
but instead an unruly adolescent,
only fifteen years old and still growing
towards the maturity of esteem.
Worse, like so much of the world,
it turns out not to look like anyone she knows.
Instead, typical of the authorities,
it is White, Western and decidedly male.
Checking the site on its 15th anniversary,
she reads that the global project admits its limits,
announces it needs to promote diversity.
She has heard it before…too many times.
Dreaming of being a teacher, the girl decides
history is what she will need to teach first.

News Links:  The Atlantic , WikipediaAl Jazeera, Rocket News
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